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Published Articles:


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Medical Translation During Times of Pandemic. JARHSS. 2020. Vol 3. N2. DOI:10.36177/26777193.2020.0302


Linguistics Predictors of Psychotrauma in Immigrants and Refugees. JARHSS. 2020. Vol 3. N1. DOI:10.36177/26777193.2020.0301

Psycholinguistic Assessment of the Effects of Containment. JARHSS. 2020. Vol 2. N1. DOI:10.36177/26777193.2020.0201

Psycholinguistics and Mental Health: Foundations and Methodology. JARHSS. 2020. Vol 1. N1. DOI:10.36177/26777193.2020.0101.

Measures of victimization through the verbalizations of victims of terrorism. JARHSS. 2019. Vol 2. N2. DOI:10.36177/26777193.2019.0202.

Psychocriminological Assessment of Radical Verbalizations. JARHSS. 2019. Vol 3. N3. DOI:10.36177/26777193.2019.0303.

Psycholinguistic Assessment of Mystical Delirium. JARHSS. 2019. Vol 1. N2. DOI:10.36177/26777193.2019.0102.

The Obsessions of Radicalized Persons: A Case Study. JARHSS. 2019. Vol 1. N1. DOI:10.36177/26777193.2019.0101.

Emotions in French Second Language: The Processing of Negation with a BCI. 2019. Vol. 1. N°1. Pages 17-28. DOI:10.36177/26777193.2019.0101


Clinical Linguistics and Mental Health: Verbal Protocols Applied to Personality Disorders. JARHSS. 2018. Vol 3. N1. DOI:10.36177/26777193.2018.0301.

Verbal Protocols Applied to Psychotrauma Narratives: Methodology and Tools. JARHSS. 2018. Vol 2. N2. DOI:10.36177/26777193.2018.0202.

Hatred Expression on Social Networks. JARHSS. 2018. Vol 1. N1. DOI:10.36177/26777193.2018.0101.

Machine Learning on Terrorist Text Data. JARHSS. 2017. Vol 1. N1. DOI:10.36177/26777193.2017.0101.

The Modelization of Ideological Influences on Social Networks. JARHSS. 2016. Vol 1. N1. DOI:10.36177/26777193.2016.0101.

Translation and Embedded Communication. JARHSS. 2015. Vol 3. N1.

Translation and Humanitarian Mediation. JARHSS. 2015. Vol 2. N1.

Translation and Multilingual Monitoring. JARHSS. 2015. Vol 1. N1.