Editorial Board


Scientific Committee:

Dr. James Archibald (McGill University, Canada)

Dr. Nicole Morgan (Royal Military College, Canada)

Dr. Lynne Franjié (University of Lille, France)

Dr. Astrid Guillaume (Sorbonne University, France)

Dr. Rita Mazen (University of Bordeaux, France)

Dr. Mathieu Guidere (University of Paris VIII, France)

Dr. Amal El Sabban (University Ain Shams, Egypt)

Dr. Chirine Chamsine (University of Quebec in Montreal, Canada)

Dr. Mourad Ben Jelloul (University of Tunis, Tunisia)



Editorial Team:

Pierre Berthelot

Djilali Benchabane

Hélène Bravin

Emmanuel Dupuy

Mohamed Larbi Haouat

Michel Makinsky

Mohamed Nemiri

David Rigoulet-Roze

Elise Daubresse.



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